Waterton Park | Lake Engagement

Justine and Long are high school sweethearts. When Justine and I first met, we bonded over the love of blush and greenery, whites and greens, and the fact that we have a dog with the same name! In less than four months, they will be having a destination wedding in sunny Cancun! Mexico is the perfect place for these two to tie the knot..they're sweet, friendly, easy going, and love all things sand and sun! I scouted high and low to find the perfect engagement spot for these two who prefer the beach over the mountains (not the easiest feat in Southern Alberta). I call it the 'finding Southern California in Alberta project' and I would say we hit the jackpot when we decided on Waterton Parks. It was so fulfilling making their visions come to life and I absolutely cannot wait for their special day!


Lake Minnewanka Banff | Winter Mountain Engagement

Nicole and Enea are as sweet as can be. Their proposal story is one of those ones you would swear came straight out of a romantic movie and their engagement was no different! Enea actually proposed to Nicole at Lake Minnewanka during a meteor shoot. See, he had been waiting to ask the question for months but the stars were not aligning (literally). He knew a meteor shower was happening pretty soon and although he had an exam early the next morning and it was in the dead middle of winter he knew he couldn't wait any longer! So they parked out by Lake Minnewanka to wait for the shower and at 2AM the stars finally aligned and she said yes!